Santa Ana Attorneys Drafting Employee Contracts For Orange County Companies

Man reading contractEmployees are the most important resource for any company. If that resource is mismanaged, however, then employees can also become a great source of liability. Failing to clearly define the terms and scope of employment can lead to multiple disputes with the worker, potential liability, and being on record as a labor law violator. California companies can avoid these issues by properly negotiating and drafting a contract between themselves and an employee. Our Santa Ana attorneys assist with the drafting of employment contracts on behalf of employers. Call our office today to speak with a lawyer. We also service Anaheim, Irvine, and the rest of Orange County.

Orange County lawyers drafting employment agreements for businesses in Santa Ana, Anaheim, Irvine and elsewhere

An employment contract can serve many purposes for a California business. First, they can clearly define the length of employment and/or terms of compensation which, in turn, will help protect the company from wage and hour disputes as well as independent contractor disputes. Second, an agreement can clearly define the responsibilities of the worker which can help protect the employer from a wrongful termination suit. Also, employment contracts can help protect an employer from third-party liability in the event that an employee takes action outside the scope of their employment and someone is harmed as a result. When drafting an agreement it is important to have all possibilities and contingencies in mind. Having an attorney to help you prepare the document can help improve its effectiveness.

Our Orange County lawyers assist with the drafting of employment contracts for various companies. We will take steps to understand your needs and the workings of your company. Our firm will then use this knowledge to help you understand future possibilities and issues which the contract should address. Such possibilities may include the role of the employee in the event your company expands, how disputes over the contract will be litigated, and steps involving the termination of the employee if necessary. We will prepare the document with your specific needs in mind, make future revisions if necessary, and ensure that your interests are protected so you can focus on the most important thing – your business. Contact us today to speak with an attorney.

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Santa Ana attorneys providing insight to companies in need of an employee contract

Forming a business can be challenging for many new companies. Starting up shop means assuming many new roles that one did not have when they were an employee at their last job. This can seem overwhelming to many entrepreneurs. Our business law attorneys understand the types of issues faced by companies and are experienced in providing guidance as to issues which should be covered in an employee contract. We will help you consider matters which you may not have otherwise thought of and it is our goal to make sure that your future is secure.